Oral Histories.

Why should we listen to other peoples stories?


How does it pertain to my topic?

I think oral histories are very similar to the ignored histories of different cultures in the United States. Looking into the past can give us understanding of the why and why now, as well as perspective for our future.

The “style” of education

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The way we think and talk about the “classroom” and “education” provides examples that tie course concepts together.

From a “standard view” of education, we might believe that education merely transmits objective facts, data, knowledge, and truth about the world. History is merely neutral facts. Literature and poetry are fluff that don’t matter too much for the “real” world. We learn “skills” and learn how to use “tools” that help us be efficient workers (and communicators). We memorize ideas and data and then imitate and repeat those ideas. From this way of thinking, the teacher deposits knowledge into your head, fills your head as if it were an empty receptacle.

On the other hand, a “rhetorical view” might realize that education and everything about education influences and invents knowledge and the way we understand the world and ourselves.  We cannot transmit information and knowledge as neutral, objective bits of data; instead…

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“How humiliatin…

“How humiliating to be all this time only looking in a mirror.” – Lanham

First idea for that helped me think of many other ideas that could span into a research topic. When I first read Lanham’s paper, I was having trouble with it. As per usual, I decided to look it up online to see if I could find some help understanding the article. All of the articles that came up associated with it were on education. And when I continued reading Lamham, I began to see it in that light – or in such context. “How humiliating to be all this time only looking in a mirror.” Wow. I felt knocked off my seat as I read the passage on the train.

Finding the Available Means of Persuasion

ImageI’m on the search for the available means of persuasion. Call me old school, but I just couldn’t let go of the classic paper and pen. To compensate for the technological portion of this assignment, I’ll be posting photos of my commonplace notebook here on Word Press. I hope you’ll enjoy going through this journey with me.